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Zanzibar Tides, Wind and Weather

Wind Guru

Seven day wind forecast including speed, direction, precipitation, etc. for the northern tip of Zanzibar.


Mobile Geographics

Graphic presentation of Zanzibar Tidal Information.

Buoy Weather

Check the wind forecast for the Zanzibar virtual buoy to predict diving conditions.


Zanzibar Holiday Weather

Have a look at the upcoming weather forecast for Zanzibar

Dive Medical and Hyperbaric Websites

Divers Alert Network - Southern Africa

Divers Alert Network, Your Dive Safety Association.


London Diving Chamber

London Diving Chamber specialises in Diving Medicine and offer a very informative website and smartphone application.

PADI Websites

PADI Website

Find your divecentre before you travel, learn about courses or stay up to date with new developments from PADI.


Project Aware

Visit the Project Aware Foundation, conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action.

Marine Conservation Websites

Sea Shepherd

International non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization.


The Ocean Conservancy

Help the Ocean Conservancy preserve and protect the ocean.

Coral Reef Alliance

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) works exclusively to save coral reefs.



International organization devoted solely to ocean conservation.

Dive Travel Websites

Indigo Safaris

Indigo Safaris specialises in diving, safari, and trekking trips in southern and eastern Africa, and exotic liveaboards around the world.


The Divesite

THE DIVE SITE is your multi-media link to the South African dive community and to all things diving.

Swahili Divers

TANZANIA, Pemba Island


Sea Breeze

TANZANIA, Dar es Salaam

Kayak Africa

MALAWI, Cape Maclear




MALAWI, Kande Beach

African Travel Websites

Absolute Africa

Affordable adventure camping safaris with many different iteneraries across Africa - many include the opportunity do dive with Scuba Do Zanzibar!


Acacia Overland

Acacia offer a number of different overland tours through Africa - many with a visit to Scuba Do Zanzibar!

Adventures Cross Country

ARCC offers programs that allow teenagers to experience the world in unique and exciting ways - including learning to dive with Scuba Do Zanzibar!


Bush to Beach

Custom made adventure safaris across Tanzania.

Kutandala Camp

Walking safaris in North Luangwa National Park, Zambia.


Tusker Trail

Offers a variety of African safaris from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, to exploring the Okavango Delta.

Fish identification and Ichtiology

East Coast Fish Watch

Informal community enterprise designd to help us learn more about marine fishes.



A global information system on fishes.

Shark Project

Non-for-profit organisation to raise shark awareness and fight for conservation.


South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

Formerly known as the JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology

Diving Equipment

AP Valves



Reef South Africa


Cressi Sub




Diving News

UnderWater Times

The daily journal of life in and around water.



On-line scuba diving magazine.



Scuba Do Zanzibar PADI Dive Centre is the best diving on the Zanzibar Archipelego!

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