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"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." - Alexandra K. Trenfor
  • 2006 Student group learning to scuba dive
Learn to Dive Courses

Since 2004, Scuba Do Zanzibar have been teaching groups of school students to scuba dive through the PADI Open Water course. Groups range in size from 8-24 students and while some do the entire course here, many choose the option of completing the academic portion through PADI e-Learning prior to arrival in Zanzibar. Despite teaching larger groups, we assign only a few students per instructor for optimal supervision ratios. Our teaching philosophy ensures we do everything within our power to make sure all students successfully pass their PADI Open Water Certification.

  • Photo: This photo is from one of our early groups in 2006 from the International School of Tanganyika based in Dar es Salaam - a brilliant school with amazing extracirricular programs. We are always impressed by both the competance and remarkable character of their students.
Marine Ecology & Conservation Courses

From 2016, we began offering custom designed courses for student groups who are already certified scuba divers. We work together with the school teachers to design a cirriculum which meets their requirements.

Topics include eco-friendly diving practices, fish identification, the aquatic realm - beyond the fish (learning to identifying marine plants and animals), an introduction to scientific monitoring methods, indicator species for a healthy ecosystem, coral reef monitoring, local conservation challenges, beach & underwater cleanups, sustainable fishing practices, marine protected areas, etc. The cirriculum is desinged to be very interactive with lots of diving, snorkelling and specific missions to accomplish on every dive.

  • Students identifying fish while logging their dives
  • Students in classroom learning to estimate fish size from a distance
  • Students with instructor showing trash collected from the ocean on a cleanup dive
  • Students at evening presentation by Ulli, Chumbe Island Marine Biologist learning about coral bleaching
  • Students with instructors on the surface about to descend on their coral reef monitoring dive
  • Instructor sharing information on what was observed during the dive.

Dive Safety Courses

Scuba Do Zanzibar have been promoting safe diving practices and trying to improve safety in our region since we started our operations in Zanzibar. Even amongst dive professionals, there is a lack of understanding when it comes to recognising signs and symptoms of dive related injuries and this cirriculum has been designed to share our passion for dive safety.

The dive safety week cirriculum includes the following topics with an optional addon of becoming and Emergency First Response Instructor. Must be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent to meet the preresiquite.

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