Shamzi & Home Reefs

"We must go and see for ourselves." - Jacques Cousteau

Shamzi & Home Reefs

The dive sites in this grouping are all within 5-10 minute journey from either of our dive bases. While they may not have our most impressive corals, we can find creatures on these sites that cannot be found on the other sites! In fact, our marine biologist friends who come dive with us nearly always request do dive in these sites!

Shamzi Reef is a fringing reef just off of Nungwi where we find some of our most weird and wonderful marine creatures! With only a few small sections of corals mostly between 12-14m deep, the slope continues down to a small wall which drops from 18-23m and continuing a slope down to 26-28m depending on the tide. Shamzi is our most likely site to find the highy sought after weedy and Mauritius scorpionfish! We have found every scorpionfish in Helmut Debelius' "Indian Ocean Reef Guide" on this one divesite! On top there are plenty of nudibranches, octopus, pipefish, thornback boxfish, helmeted "flying" gurnard and for the lucky even seahorses!! It is really hard to come up from this dive without a big smile.

Kendwa Reef and Kendwa Gardens are our home reefs only 800m in front of our dive base. the top of Kendwa Reef can be exposed on an extremely low spring tide and drops down to a depth of 10-12m. It is a very long reef and a lovely drift dive on a shallow depth you should be able to enjoy a very long dive. We have found sea turtles on both Kendwa Gardens and Kendwa Reef and they are both full of many juvenile fish!

Renco Bomi is a large coral bomi structure very near to our Diamonds La Gemma Dell'est dive base. The top of the reef is at a depth of around 5m and drops down to 18m. While this reef has sustained some damage from local fishers, there are quite a variety of corals and fish. We have quite often found frogfish, pipefish and even the rarely seen harlequin shrimp feasting on a seastar.

Gemma Jetty can be an interesting shallow divesite to see loads of juvenile creatures, many scribbled pipefish, founders, scorpionfish and sometimes the most beautiful juvenile batfish.

" I like Shamzi because you always see rare stuff, weedy scorpionfish and Mauritus scorpionfish! Which other reef can you see them? "

- Instructor Adam

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