"The ocean touches you every day. With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you are connected to the ocean." - Sylvia Earle

Snorkelling Excursions

Zanzibar's North Coast offers snorkelling on the fringing reefs around Mnemba Island and Tumbatu Island or on our lovely Kendwa Reef.
  • Snorkeller skindiving over reef next to fish
  • Snorkeller on Mnemba surrounded by scissortail seargent fish
  • Snorkeller skindiving in clear water over reef
  • Two ecstatic young snorkellings with instructor on speedboat journey to reef
Snorkelling Options

We understand there are many different levels and expectations of snorkellers from absolute beginners to experienced free divers. We offer guided snorkelling tours where the snorkellers can join on the same excursion with their diving family members or charter a private snorkelling boat. Our 44' sailing catamaran, Papagena, offers a lovely half or full day excursion with snorkelling and sunset sailing combined. We also provide snorkelling courses for those who have never tried or would like additional guidance.

  • Mnemba Island: 2-10+ m max depth, 30-40 min boat journey
  • Tumbatu Island: 3-12m max depth, 12-15 min boat journey
  • Kendwa Reef: 2-10m max depth, 5 min boat journey

Our Snorkel Locations

View of the clear waters around Mnemba Island from the boat

Mnemba Island

Enjoy a scenic boat journey around the northern tip of Zanzibar to the Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area. While the island itself is private, you will snorkel around the fringing reefs and enjoy the diversity of marine life.
Corals on top of the shallow wall fringing Tumbatu Island

Tumbatu Island

Only a short speedboat ride away from either of our dive bases, you can surround yourself in an abundance of reef fishes and enjoy floating over spectacular corals on the fringing reefs around Tumbatu Island and Mwana wa Mwana.
Happy snorkeller in clear water over Kendwa Reef

Kendwa Reef

You are welcome to join us for a snorkel on our fringing reef which is around 800m in front of Kendwa Beach. This reef offers a diversity of corals and aquatic life, and hosts many interesting juvenile marine creatures.

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