Advanced Dive Sites

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Advanced Dive Sites

Unlike the other groupings of divesites, these sites are not necessarily close in proximity, but more advanced sites in terms of depths and potential currents. The boat journey to access these sites ranges from 20-40mins. The shallow part of Misoli Reef can be dived by less experienced divers, however for the deeper dropoff and the other sites we prefer to take only experienced divers.

Leven Bank is an undersea mountain located in the Pemba channel approximately 8 nautical miles (15 kms) North of Zanzibar. The shallowest part of the mount is around 14m sloping down to 30m+++. Very near to Leven Bank the seabottom reaches 200m and between Zanzibar and Pemba drops to 800m! While we hope to catch a glimpse of sharks and large rays - there are no guarantees. The area is subjected to very strong currents which results in some crazy formations of the spiraling whipcorals. We often see honecomb morays, schooling pelagics such as rainbow runners, trevallys and loads of the usual reef fish such as triggerfish, surgeonfish, angelfish and pufferfish. There are also plenty of cool nudibranches.

Misoli Reef is on the East Coast between Mnemba Island and the East Coast Reefs. On the Southeastern side of the reef there is a dropoff which has an interesting cave at around 30m where you can often find larger groupers. The shallow part from 10-18m depth has very nice coral cover with a large diversity of species!

Saidi Reef is located West of Tumbatu in the channel between Unguja and manland TZ. This is a deeper site where the shallowest depth is around 14-16m and the channel drops down to 60m. Also subjected to strong currents, this site has very large schools of yellow snappers, very large barrel sponges and a lovely diversity of marine life! We found several very large spanish dancers on one dive which was very special!

Big Wall is on the East side of the reef around Mnemba island and is a sloping sandbank where divers go deep to look for sharks and large rays. Leon's Wall is a coral wall covered in large numbers of reef fish attracting Pelagic fish to these hunting grounds, unpredictable currents makes the dive suitable for advanced divers only.

" Dropping into the deep blue with unlimited visability where the ocean appears to have no bottom is simply amazing! I love the schooling pelagic fish and have on occasion been visited by a manta ray! "

- Instructor Tammy

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